Guangdong-Hong Kong Robotics Academy

The Guangdong-Hong Kong Robotics Academy was established by Songshan Lake TechX Institute, together with Guangdong University of Technology, in September 2015. Through a series of written examinations and interviews, the college selected 80 students from among more than 300 applicants from the School of Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics to become its inaugural class.

After studying the institutional models of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and other first-rate international universities on the basis of their innovation and entrepreneurship training experience, experts from the Songshan Lake TechX Institute and prominent professors from Guangdong University of Technology and HKUST, through a series of in-depth discussions, designed a unique talent training curriculum for the new Robotics Academy. Undergraduate teaching at the university employs the “2 + 2” training method. During a four-year study period, students are provided with opportunities to participate in domestic and international exhibitions, factory visits, internship programs, and exchanges with well-known industry experts.

Hunan University of Robotics

Songshan Lake TechX Institute cooperated with Hunan University to establish Huda University of Robotics in September 2016. The University’s first batch of graduate students were recruited from subject fields including design, machinery, electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

Philosophy: Placing equal emphasis on theory and practice, integrating engineering and the arts, and synchronizing observation and action.

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