Songshan Lake Xbot Park actively follows global trends and establishes strategic partnerships with leading companies at various levels of the robotics industry, bringing world-leading technology to the latest robotics innovation and product development processes.

TI Strategic Alliance

Texas Instruments (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that provides more than 100,000 analog integrated circuits, embedded processors, and software tools to global users. It holds more than 42,000 patents and serves 100,000 customers in more than 35 countries around the world. Songshan Lake Xbot Park and TI have established in-depth cooperation in the following areas:

Talent Development:

TI regularly conducts a series of product and technical training courses for robotics students and Xbot Park entrepreneurs.

Technical Support:

For Xbot Park entrepreneurs and companies, TI provides product-based introductions and recommendations, and provides feedback and support for first-time product and technology consulting and appeals.

Beta Users:

Xbot Park startup teams and companies can apply to TI for trials of new technologies and products that have not yet been officially released for R&D and be the first to be introduced to robotics product development.

International Exchange:

International visits to the TI Kilby Labs (USA) are facilitated on a regular basis to enable Xbot Park visitors to systematically understand the frontiers of technology.